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The Ramsey County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is a legislatively mandated entity whose role is to set public policy and provide community input and direction on workforce development issues in Ramsey County.

The WIB exists to:

  • Help maintain the economic health of Ramsey County
  • Identify current and emerging workforce issues and needs
  • Create partnerships to serve the needs of businesses and job seekers
  • Oversee publicly-funded workforce programs in Ramsey County  

The WIB is uniquely structured to guide workforce development in our County by:

  • Connecting local education, business, and community experts to align resources for the mutual benefit of employers and job seekers in our community  
  • Reviewing Annual Labor Market Assessments which identify the industries and specific jobs that are in demand locally
  • Connecting with local business leaders to understand their needs

WIB 2013-2015 Strategic Objectives

  • Alignment: Create strategic regional alignment to address workforce needs 
  • Integration: Develop and utilize integrated approaches to address our workforce supply and demand gaps
  • Marketing: Market workforce services to multiple constituency groups, especially the business community, and raise the profile of the WIB

Social and Economic Conditions

In today’s dynamic, global knowledge economy, a well-trained, well-educated and highly skilled workforce has never been more important, or more subject to ever-changing workforce trends and economic conditions. 

Future Labor Shortage

Minnesota and Ramsey County have enjoyed thriving economies due in large part to a well-educated, highly skilled workforce.  While the current conditions are presenting additional challenges, the retirement of the baby boomers and changes in skill requirements for future jobs requires attention. The Ramsey County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) continues to focus on solutions to these critical issues.

Forces Shaping Economy

Although Ramsey County ranks highly in workforce readiness and many social/economic indicators, past performance does not ensure future results.

Four interrelated mega-forces are shaping Minnesota’s economy including:

  • Globalization
  • Technology
  • Energy prices
  • Demography

Keys to Workplace Success

The Ramsey County WIB is one of the keys that unlocks the door leading to workforce success and economic prosperity in Ramsey County. We harness the power of businesses, government and the community to identify and develop strategies and solutions to current and emerging workforce needs.

Ramsey County Workforce Investment Board Ι 2098 11th Avenue East Ι North Saint Paul, MN 55109 Ι Phone: 651.779.5653